Three years ago I moved to Italy for a year to study and fell in love with it,
I love the country, the people, the language, the food, *the weather*. So after finishing my degree, I decided to go back, get a job, move in with my partner and generally become an Italian.

It's not without its problems, obviously - the bureaucracy, the summer heat in Rome and the inevitable weight gain to name just a few - but most of the time, the wine and pasta more than makes up for it.

So now I live in Rome, working in social media and *still* learning Italian. Interests include running (sometimes), eating (always) and pinning pictures of cute cats onto my 'dream kitty' Pinterest board. Also quite keen on monochrome style nduja and melanzane pizza, trashy British TV and home decor. 

Mira x

Twitter: @mirawadham
Instagram: @mirawadham/@dazeinrome
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