Italian food rules: the lowdown

May 22, 2019

Italians give the appearance of being laid back and relaxed, but when it comes to food all this vanishes. Overtake on the inside lane, run a red light or smoke in a club, sure, but do NOT mess with culinary tradition. These rules are numerous, rigid, at times laughable and, in my English opinion, not worth taking too seriously if you actually want to enjoy your meal - but they are a pretty essential part of Italy, so here's the tea.

A traditional Italian meal...

Will go like this: antipasto (starter), primo (pasta) secondo (meat and vegetables), fruit, dolci (pudding), coffee and liquors. And yes, yes, it IS as filling as it sounds.

Do Italians eat like this every day?! Absolutely not, thank god. Mostly a primo on its own is fine at lunch, and a secondo or a pizza at dinner.

What's it really like living in Rome? Costs, language, FAQ

May 15, 2019

I've been living in Rome for about a year in total now, and I still get asked every time I meet someone: why are you here?

Sure, to anyone outside Italy living here seems idyllic. Pizza, pasta, good wine, sun, sea, sand... we all know what Italy is famous for. But beyond the rosy picture that tourists have of the country, the reality is pretty different. The economy is tough, politics are unstable, many young Italians choose to leave because jobs are few and far between. So, I thought I'd give an honest rundown of what it's really like living in Rome.