Rome on a budget: what to do, eat, drink and see

April 02, 2019

I am no stranger to budget travel. In fact, I unfortunately happen to be one of those people who has a bit of a problem spending money, even when I do have it - not the best trait, in reality. Some would call it tight, I like to call it *thrifty*. Anyway, when I was living in Rome a couple of years ago money wasn't in abundance - which was tricky for me, being someone who likes to eat and drink out, a LOT. So I had to learn the secrets of doing this in Rome without spending a fortune, and I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone tends to see Rome as quite an expensive place, and I guess it can be - I remember my parents coming back from Rome a couple of years ago with the defining memory being the time they paid €20 for two scoops of ice cream at a gelateria near the Spanish Steps - but it really doesn't have to be that expensive. Rome is definitely possible on a budget - here are my tips.