Review: Vittorio Spezie e Cucina

March 21, 2019

The area around Termini often gets a bit of a bad rep, but I quite like it. San Lorenzo is full of cool bars that are buzzing in the evenings - they're full of students and a little bit 'edgy', so they remind me of my time in Bologna. Then the other side of the tracks there's Piazza Emanuele, famous for being one of the more multicultural areas of Rome - traditional Roman architecture sits alongside street markets and ethnic restaurants. I kinda love that juxtapostition, and I guess the owners of new restaurant and bar Vittorio Spezie e Cucina do too - it brings together traditional Italian food with the spices of the Piazza Emanuele area. 

I am crazy for a bar or restaurant with funky decor which, as I've highlighted numerous times in my posts, is actually quite rare in Rome. There's the super traditional restaurants where decor is ZERO but the food is unreal, or super fancy restaurants that cost a fortune and they give you 3 pieces of pasta for €20. (Also, not really my thing. I like to leave a restaurant full, thanks.) So anyway, places that are stylish, where you eat well and are reasonably priced are few and far between.

This place has the decor absolutely down, with rustic walls in bright colours and vintage furniture, chandeliers and beautiful PLANTS in the green room at the end. It's all very instagrammable, which is great, but it's made better by the food and drinks on offer.
Cocktails are pretty expensive at €10-12, but it was delicious so as a treat it's worth it. Wine and beers are much more reasonable, around €5 for a glass and €4 a pint. I didn't eat there because we headed to my favourite Indian restaurant Krishna 13, which is conveniently right ACROSS THE ROAD,  but there's a wood-fired oven and the pizzas look super delicious. 10/10 recommended!

Address: Via Foscolo 20, 00185, Roma 
Metro: Vittorio Emanuele, Metro A

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