The definitive list: where to eat & drink in Rome

February 25, 2019

I don't know about anyone else, but in winter it's a real effort to get myself out of the house. It's cold, dark and the thought of standing around waiting for a bus for half an hour with only my flimsy Primark umbrella to protect me from the rain isn't particularly inspiring - most evenings it's more appealing to just to crack open a bottle of red wine, crawl under my duvet and put on Netflix rather than venturing out. But, guess what, we've nearly made it. We're at the end of February and the days are getting longer, the clocks are about to change and there's a tangible feeling of spring in the air. I can *almost* remember what it's like to sit outside after work in the sun with a cold glass of wine - and it feels GOOD. 

So, in an effort to restart blogging now that I actually have the time to spend on it, I've put together my definitive list of where to eat & drink in Rome. I get a lot of questions about this from friends and Instagram followers and, honestly, it's good for me to keep a list of where to go in what area too. I'll try and keep it regularly updated as I try out new places, but for now, here it is: