4 places to visit (and EAT) in Bali

November 08, 2018

So, I returned from Bali approximately 10 weeks ago (not that I'm, like, counting or anything) and the nostalgia is still STRONG. Especially now that the nights are drawing in and it's just about time to put on that piumino...

Obviously, being the dedicated blogger that I am, I haven't yet written a post about Bali. Between moving to Rome and the consequential early-life crisis that followed, I just haven't managed to get round to it. Fortunately I've now found a break in my busy working week (jk, Italians work about two hours a day then pop off for lunch - the key to working here, it seems, is the more you complain about all the work that needs doing and do absolutely none of it, the bigger your stipendio will be at the end of the month. I'm adapting.) 

So, here we are: a Bali post.