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June 13, 2018

I know, I know... Another three months since my last post 🙇

I say it every time I start a blog post but I just don't know where the time goes.
Except this time, I have a little idea - I've been doing my final exams (five years later, I'm finally free of uni for *hopefully* ever!) and was at the same time stressing endlessly about finding myself a big girl job in Rome.

Italy is not one of the best places to find a job when compared to say, London, where there are 5 million exciting job posts right up my street every day, but after a couple of months of keeping an eye on my LinkedIn alerts I have managed to land one!

Which is really what led me back here. In true Italian style, I was supposed to start on Monday as a freelancer, but have yet to be given anything to actually do. So to avoid spending yet another afternoon on my sofa, six seasons deep into Desperate Housewives, I decided to write a blog post.

Depending on whether you follow my not-so-new project, my instagram account @dazeinrome, you might have seen last night's story on the best Italian music for helping learn the language.

Thinking back, it was one of my favourite ways of learning (and still is); repetitive lyrics are a really great way to get certain phrases into your head, and singing along, especially to raps, gets your tongue used to speaking the words so you stutter less in conversation.

Not to get too sentimental, but it's also super weird how songs can transport you right back to a moment in time. Adding on from my story yesterday, I thought I'd share a couple of my favourites and the memories that come with them.

Stupendo Fino A Qui - Alessandra Amoroso 
This song reminds me of a trip to Genova I took on my Erasmus year. Me and two friends piled into the back of the coach at 6am for the kind of interminable bus journey that only comes with cheap Erasmus trips, to arrive in what can only be described as one of the oddest cities I have ever been to in Italy. Aside from a huge aquarium and a port that is still some way off a 'Shoreditch' level of gentrification, there's little to do. If you want to stay out past 10pm, forget it - nothing is open. Even worse, if you do find somewhere, there is NOWHERE open for post night-out pizza.  It was a tribute to our friendship that we all had an excellent time anyway, and I remember thinking that as I listened to this song on the long journey back on Sunday.

Grazie Roma - Antonello Venditti 
This song reminds me of the first time I ever went to Rome. Five of us planned a big weekend and were more then delighted to find that our cheap AirBnb was actually right in front of the Panthon (we understood why when we tried to cook pasta on the stove and were overcome by potentially lethal gas fumes). I had recently heard this song for the first time and took great joy in singing it on every night out we had. My favourite part is that it's actually a football song - is there anything more Italian than singing this, instead of chanting like we do in the UK?!

Voglio Ballare Con Te - Baby K 
This is the ultimate beach song - every beach I went to last summer played this, every club I went to (clear you won't find me at any particularly 'cool' clubs 😂) had it at some point. Baby K is the ultimate summer banger. (The previous summer's was Roma to Bangkok by Baby K, in case you're interested).

Vento di Passione - Giorgia & Pino Daniele 
This song reminds me of the first weekend away my girlfriend and I took together. Everything was still very new, and it was the first time I discovered her indefatigable love for Giorgia (little did I know she would be the only person we would listen to EVER from then on) - we sung along to this song with Pino Daniele a million times on that car journey.

Che Sia Benedetta - Fiorella Mannoia 
First off, Fiorella Mannoia is an absolute legend in Italy and for good reason - when I found out she played a concert in Rome and I missed it I literally wept. This song reminds me of when I first moved to Rome - I listened to it on the bus into town from where I lived a million times when I was off to meet someone new and explore another part of Rome. It's basically just about how life is pretty great - even when it seems shit, something good'll come along soon. Wise words.

I have a couple of others that are super up there:

Vivo per Lei - Andrea Boccelli & Giorgia
Vincero' - Annalisa
Il Diluvio Universale - Annalisa
Quello Che Le Donne Non Dicono - Fiorella Mannoia 
Questa Nostra Stupida Canzone d'Amore  - Thegiornalisti - great if you're looking for something a little less, well, Italian, and something more indie 
200 Note - Laura Pausini
Se mi vuoi - Irene Grande & Pino Daniele 
Meraviglioso Amore Mio - Arisa 
Senza Pagare - J-Ax, Fedez & T-Pain

If anyone has any other suggestions, please comment! I'd love to hear them. On Instagram some of my favourite suggestions were Volare - Fabio Rovazzi and Maria Salvador - J-Ax - along with Lucrezia Oddone's Italian songs playlist!

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