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January 23, 2018

Another year, another new year blog post! 

First things first... a big welcome to everyone reading this, whether you followed my blog before through its various guises or found me through my attempt to reach instagram blogger star status with my new, fancy Insta account @dazeinrome. 

I gave up a bit with the blogging last year - writing full time for a job, surviving in Rome and getting caught up in a whirlwind Italian romance didn't leave a lot of time (or inclination) for writing for pleasure. I was aware, though, that it was a bit of a waste - Rome is super photogenic and living in such an Instagram-worthy city without sharing it seemed a shame!

Now I'm writing less and studying more I've found I have a little more space in my brain for creativity, so here's the first post on my shiny new rebranded blog, daze in rome.

5 best cafes to study/work in Rome

Rome is very different from London in many ways and, though most of the time I'm very pleased it is, working freelance can be pretty lonely and I yearned for the study cafe/co-working spaces that are ten-a-penny in London. Italy's espresso-at-the-bar culture doesn't exactly lend itself to cafes full of comfortable sofas and high speed wifi, and it's yet to catch up with other countries in terms of offering solutions and co-working for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

However, after (a lot) of trial and error... here are my top picks. They are based mainly in central Rome due to convenience for me - and because I quite liked a little stroll through the centre after I'd finished - and are equally good for morning coffee, a study lunch date or evening aperitivo.


At the top of my list is Barnum Cafe, a cosy, modern spot by Campo di Fiori with super friendly staff.
If you go often enough you'll see the regulars, either Italians who work nearby and pop in for a quick cafe or stranieri like us, who are looking for somewhere to work. Seats are comfy and the wifi is usually pretty good - best of all, the staff are used to students studying there are don't mind how long you stay. The chocolate cornetti are some of my favourite in Rome - but you'll need to get there early for those as they tend to disappear pretty quickly!
Lunch is also good - a mixture of daily-changing Italian dishes and UK/American classics - all cooked fresh in house and is reasonably priced.
Expect to pay €1.50 for a cappuccino, €7-8 for a pasta dish and €4 for a glass of wine.

Circus Cafe

This cafe is just round the corner from Barnum, and I was initially attracted by its €3 Aperol Spritz. If I didn't fancy getting up too early to work I'd come here around 4, order an Aperol Spritz and indulge in the never-ending supply of crisps that comes with it - great conditions for getting work done. Wifi is very reliable and you're more than likely to bump into a bunch of people doing the same thing as you, making the day pass a little quicker.

Prices are a little more expensive here, at €3 for a cappuccino - all the more reason to go for a Spritz!

Analemma Cafe 

Based just around the corner from the Colosseum, Analemma is in one of my favourite central areas of Rome: Monti. The place is pretty big, meaning there'll never be a shortage of seats, with some outside space at the front for fresh air study in the summer. The decor is fun and the staff are great .- brunch here is a good option, one of the only places I found in Rome that serves a (quasi) English breakfast - the eggs and waffles are good, and the portions of smoked salmon are generous.

Prices for coffee are reasonable, at €1.50 for a cappuccino, with brunch options from €9.

Settembrini Libri e Cucina 

One for those living closer to the Vatican, Settembrini's book-filled walls are sure to put you in the right frame of mind for study. Big shared tables give it a very cosmopolitan feel, and you can always pop across the road to Settembrini for a 10/10 aperitivo when you've finished.

Babylon Cafe 

This cafe with sofas, free wifi and a relaxed feel is perfect if you're in the Trastevere area - whilst its full of great bars and restaurants, finding a relaxed place for studying can be hard work. Complete with an outdoor area for when its hot, pop over at the weekend too for a taste of one of the best brunches in the city... how many other places in Rome offer my favourite brunch dish, Shakshuka??

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