Best study/work spots in Rome

January 23, 2018

Another year, another new year blog post! 

First things first... a big welcome to everyone reading this, whether you followed my blog before through its various guises or found me through my attempt to reach instagram blogger star status with my new, fancy Insta account @dazeinrome. 

I gave up a bit with the blogging last year - writing full time for a job, surviving in Rome and getting caught up in a whirlwind Italian romance didn't leave a lot of time (or inclination) for writing for pleasure. I was aware, though, that it was a bit of a waste - Rome is super photogenic and living in such an Instagram-worthy city without sharing it seemed a shame!

Now I'm writing less and studying more I've found I have a little more space in my brain for creativity, so here's the first post on my shiny new rebranded blog, daze in rome.