Why everyone should move abroad (once, twice or... forever)

January 13, 2017

And so begins the worst month of the year; and it's off to a great start. Dry January is going well - if by Dry January you mean "have a glass of wine every night because it's January, it's dark by 4pm, it's -1 degree and there's fuck all else to do". The New Year's Resolutions are also excellent, thanks for asking (or they would be, I'm sure, if I could remember what the NYR was that I spontaneously made up whilst trying not to be sick in the car after the New Year's Eve celebrations.)

But January does mean that I'm back in Italy, which comes as something of a relief after spending two solid weeks glued to the sofa mummified in a blanket, with Gilmore Girls on repeat and a never-ending box of Celebrations for company. Every time I come back I get more upset at the thought of having to move back to England which, despite my best efforts to procrastinate my degree further, probably will be later this year (*cry*). So I thought I'd write a post that I've been meaning to write for a while, but is surprising hard to put onto paper...

...why everyone should move abroad (once, twice, or... forever.)
Bologna a.k.a the b e s t city in the entire world (biased opinion)