Dublin, Ireland

October 09, 2016

It is finally October and I am back in Italy, which means my odd, nomadic summer is finally over. After a month living in a hostel in Vietnam followed by an unexpected period of homelessness in London, it feels surreally good to be writing this from my own bed, perched atop of my excessive cushion collection and surrounded by scented candles. (Yep, I'm pretty basic.)

And so, my 'gap yah' begins. After 15 years straight of education is feels a little weird to know that, this year, I can do anything or go anywhere at the drop of a hat just because I fancy it. At the moment I'm settled in Bologna until February but after that, I don't really have a plan. It's all very #yolo and spontaneous... and slightly scary.

The one thing that is going to be difficult living back in Bologna is the fact that my best group of gal pals aren't going to be here; we were inseparable since Day One for the entirety of last year so not having them around for coffee dates/emergency wine/emotional support is a major downside. Luckily, however, I got a whole four days with them last weekend in Dublin - cue plenty of Guinness (surprisingly strong stuff), questionable dancing to Galway Girl in a club at 3am and overall great craic.

We started, of course, with the Guinness factory - basically the only thing I wanted to do in Dublin (shh, I'm uncultured).

I'd never actually tried Guinness before but, since the entry was 18 euro and included a free pint, I was determined to like it.

(The chances of my not liking it were slim to none - there's not really any alcohol I don't like. But I did take a special liking to Guinness and drunk nothing else for the entire weekend.)

 It's a pretty cool place, three floors of Guinness-themed museum fun, with a 360 degree skybar at the top. Would recommend.

That evening we headed to Anna's for a birthday festa...

 We ended up not getting back home until 5am - although I napped on the sofa from 2am onwards because I'm just not that rock and roll.

The next day it was raining - I mean, it was Ireland - so we spent most of the day hanging out on the sofa, eating food, drinking tea, trying not to vomit etc.

In the evening we headed into the centre for a hair of the dog pint of Guinness...

 Which worked wonders, before going to a BYOB Lebanese restaurant for dinner. Which was YUM.

 (Dublin surprised us with a pretty sunset after all the rain).

After we headed to a few Irish pubs, drunk some more Guinness, and ended up in what I'm told is Dublin's worst club. They did, however, play Galway Girl at 3am to which I got to test my Irish dancing skills, so a good night was had by all (me.)

 The next day we were hungover - again - but determined to actually see some of the city. We wandered around Temple Bar - which the girls called a "tourist shithole" but I secretly quite liked. Loads of great vintage places and coffee shops and tasty burger places.

That evening we cooked dinner and chilled out, just enjoying hanging out which each other for the last time in a while. I found a basil plant.

I left on the Monday feeling a) like I'd been hit by a bus (Guinness will do that to a girl, apparently) and b) really sad to be saying goodbye to my second family for an unknown period of time. I really loved Dublin - it had a great atmosphere and its only a 40 minute, 20 euro flight so there is NO excuse not to go. Hope the girls are ready for me to be back again soon - I heard it's super pretty at Christmas...?

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