Time for a change

August 03, 2016

And suddenly, its August. A scary enough thought on its own - where has this year gone? - but for another reason too: it means I've had this blog for three. whole. years.

Three years! Admittedly, I've written very sporadically and at some points nearly given up, but I can't think of anything else I've managed to do for three years running - including my degree - so its still quite an achievement.

When I started it, back when I was 18 and still in school, I was a very different person. I had very different ambitions - mainly to get a job in the city, work hard and buy a lot of nice clothes. (Nice, wasn't I?) Hence the name citybitch.

Now, I don't recognise that person at. all. Three years of studying a degree I ended up hating in a city I didn't love meant I ended up feeling completely lose - nothing turned out how I expected. Since being in Italy, however, I've started to figure stuff out again, and in June I made the decision to drop out of uni for the year and go back to Bologna for a bit longer. Even if the only thing I gain is a slightly better knowledge of the Italian language and a few more stone, if I'm happy, it'll be worth it.

Anyway, back to the rebranding. Since I'm going to have quite a bit of time on my hands next year - I'm keeping my job, but working freelance offers a lot of flexibility - I figured I'd have a bit more time to work on this. (Something I've said often before and never quite managed - but a girl can dream.) And citybitch just doesn't really feel right anymore, so I wanted to rename it.

I thought and thought and thought about what to change it to - I wanted something that gave a nod to living in Italy, but wouldn't be irrelevant when I inevitably move back to London. And then I realised that blog names are all a bit silly - The Blonde Salad, anyone? - so I settled for tea & honey. Tea, because I'm English and honey, because Italians put honey in tea. When they're ill. Sometimes. (Alright, its a stretch, but it kinda works. And it sounds pretty.)

So there we go. I'm still in transition - figuring out how to buy a domain name and apply it to my blogspot is still in the pipeline (all the tech stuff isn't really my thing). Hopefully soon it'll all be sorted soon - so I can start posting about my little trip to Vietnam!

M x

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