Vietnam, the final chapter

August 09, 2016

I know it sounds clich├ęd, but it’s a well-known fact that one of the worst things about travelling is saying goodbye to all the fabulous people you meet. When I first met Kacie we were complete strangers, and within just three weeks we were arguing like we’d been married for years. Our friendship had endured through one spiked drink, three days of hideous sickness, and a mutual hatred of the Aussie lads that came in at 3am and woke up every single person in the 28 bed dorm (three things that bond people, apparently) – and I was unexpectedly gutted to have to say goodbye, adding her to the list of friendships I’ve made this year that will have to conquer several time zones.

Vietnam, part two

August 07, 2016

So, after two cancelled flights, one night bus back down to Ho Chi Minh, two hours sleep at the airport and a last-minute flight, I was a) ready to jump on a plane back to the UK and/or kill myself and b) finally in Hanoi.

Out of the two main cities, Saigon and Hanoi, Hanoi was the one I was most excited about. Having not been as badly destroyed in the War, a large part of its charming Old Town is still standing. Exploring the tiny little streets was one of my favourite parts of the trip - whilst trying to avoid getting run over by the swathes of entire families on rusty motorbikes honking and beeping around you. There were French colonial buildings, trailing jungle trees and copious amounts of Bia Hoi: all of which made for a good couple of days.

Good morning Vietnam

August 06, 2016

One month ago I was sat on a plane, nervously watching the miles clock up on the TV screen in front of me as I sped towards Vietnam on my first trip alone. Twelve hours is a long flight - it provides plenty of time to ask myself why the fuck I chose to spend my summer alone in a foreign country. At that moment, I was pretty close to calling it off; but I eventually did the grown-up thing and pushed my apprehension aside, ordered a gin & tonic (the first of many, obviously) and settled down to watch a romantic comedy on my teeny, tiny TV.

Time for a change

August 03, 2016

And suddenly, its August. A scary enough thought on its own - where has this year gone? - but for another reason too: it means I've had this blog for three. whole. years.

Three years! Admittedly, I've written very sporadically and at some points nearly given up, but I can't think of anything else I've managed to do for three years running - including my degree - so its still quite an achievement.

When I started it, back when I was 18 and still in school, I was a very different person. I had very different ambitions - mainly to get a job in the city, work hard and buy a lot of nice clothes. (Nice, wasn't I?) Hence the name citybitch.

Now, I don't recognise that person at. all. Three years of studying a degree I ended up hating in a city I didn't love meant I ended up feeling completely lose - nothing turned out how I expected. Since being in Italy, however, I've started to figure stuff out again, and in June I made the decision to drop out of uni for the year and go back to Bologna for a bit longer. Even if the only thing I gain is a slightly better knowledge of the Italian language and a few more stone, if I'm happy, it'll be worth it.