21st Birthday in Bologna

February 28, 2016

Shit. It's been a while since I last wrote a post, and I've pretty much got no excuse - I've had the last three months off doing absolutely nothing. Oops.

I say nothing, but I don't entirely mean it - I've filled my copious amounts of free time with various trips including skiing, Florence and a little jaunt to Spain. AND it was my 21st birthday. I'm finally an adult! 

I had the best birthday weekend I could have asked for, filled with my favourite people, pizza and prosecco... and balloons. 

Aren't my friends just the CUTEST people ever?!

 On the evening of my actual birthday, we shook off our hangovers from the night before and got ourselves dressed up for a place I'd booked for dinner. It's called Cantina Bentivoglio, and I'd heard good things about it... 
 (Yep, I had a tiara. And I wore it, a lot.)

Basically, its a jazz restaurant that has amazing live music most nights of the week, and does some pretty good food too. We all had ragu (the REAL spaghetti bolognese) and it was DELISH.
 Then we had a mille-feuille (apologies for my dreadful spelling of that) which made me want to die it was so good, rounded off with some complementary limoncello. Pretty tasty night - if you're in Bologna, it's a restaurant that's well worth checking out. 

On the Sunday, I was pretty sad to see my friends leave (mainly because it was 4am, and that's not a happy time for anyone...), and because it's now going to be another six months before I see them again. I really did have a lovely birthday - so to all my fabulous new friends in Italy and my best buds back home and my incredible girlfriend, I am endlessly grateful for you guys making my 21st so memorable! 

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