Natale in Italia

December 23, 2015

I wasn't sure what to expect from Christmas in Italy - it's not a country like Sweden or Germany that one would expect to have heaps of festive spirit and besides, where could be better then London at Christmas? 

It's true that in Bologna there is no Winter Wonderland or overpriced ice-skating rinks... but it's pretty good just the same. Christmas lights have sprung up all over the city over the last month, and festive markets and mulled wine are pretty much everywhere. So I've been pretty happy. 

It's been a bittersweet kinda happiness though, because Christmas also means that anyone who's only doing Erasmus for a semester is going to be going home. Unfortunately, that's pretty much everyone apart from us five hardcore 'Irish girls' sticking it out for a year... so we had to have a little festive party to say goodbye!

One of my best friends is actually going back to Australia, which is doubly sad because since Ryanair don't fly there yet, opportunities to catch up in the future are going to be pretty limited. (Fortunately, we've already made plans to meet in Asia this summer, so that's ok.)

We both feel the same about a lot of things: Harry Potter, for instance, and cats and, thankfully, how to dress for a party. 
 We had mulled wine, nutella topped Pannetone and because Italians don't dress up and I haven't worn a dress and heels since I arrived, we imposed a strict smart dress code.
 Reason number #2366223 why Italian men are better than British guys: they bring bottles of vintage Italian red to house parties. So, after a few glasses of that (it was delicious), we headed out to Bologna's finest club to enjoy the company of bitchy Spanish girls and 1 euro shots...

 I've been home a week now and I'm already missing my Bolo girls - I'm dreading the end of January when I'll have to say bye to everyone else! 

 Still,  I get to see my home girls tonight for the first time since I moved away - very excited to catch up with everyone! Then family are arriving for Christmas tomorrow, so feeling pretty festive and fun. 

Hope everyone has a fab Christmas - see you in the New Year!

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