San Luca, Bologna

November 08, 2015

This week the weather has been, for want of a better word, on point. 

London, I do not miss your grey, gloomy, rainy autumn weather. At all. Being able to sit outside in a t-shirt in November is a concept that is highly unfamiliar to me - but one that I could definitely get used to. 

However, it's probably unlikely to continue for much longer (alas) so, this week, we decided to make the most of it and do something I've been putting off for a while. 

Sat on top of the hill just outside Bologna is a basilica, with an arched passageway leading all the way up to it from the city. It's an infamously long, uphill climb to get there - hence why I've avoided it for so long - but once you reach the top, the view is pretty great. 

With another sunny day and a totally free afternoon (it's almost reassuring to know that in Italy classes are cancelled just as often as at home) we decided to make the trek and take a little picnic up to the top. 

The colours are so gorgeous here at the moment - I was kind of worried about missing my favourite season at home, but it's almost better here.

All the arches on the way up are numbered - and there are 800 of them - so you can really measure just how far there is to go...
 This view kinda helped though. 
 Eventually though, we reached the top. 
 And it was totally worth it. 
 After walking for 45 minutes, we were THIS happy to reach the top...
 Pretty much the only thing I was thinking about once we got there was, as usual, food. On the way, we'd stopped to buy a little feast: brie, fresh bread, crisps, chocolate and gummy bears. The lunch of champions.
 All washed down with a little Aperol - obvs. 
 We left just as the fun was setting, which was the most gorgeous sight. 
 We then wandered back down and were so exhausted that we promptly headed straight to bed and watched Friends for three hours straight. In a way, I'm surprised they built the basilica so far up the hill - exercise isn't really a big thing here. If it doesn't involve coffee, smoking or vino, Italians aren't really interested. 

(It's my kinda place.)

Sorry for the lack of wit or, really, any words at all in this post - still recovering from last night, where I somehow drowned my dignity in tequila at what was supposed to be a civilised 21st birthday meal. Photos of that to follow...

Until next time x 

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