Ferrara, Italy

October 24, 2015

So, I've now been here five weeks. 

I think I'm actually starting to get into the swing of Italian life - and by that I mean that I too am now at least fifteen minutes late for everything, and I eat a lot of pasta.

I sporadically attend Italian language classes and can therefore actually order the coffee I want, rather than nodding vigorously, saying per favore a lot and seeing what I end up with. I still have a long way to go - last week I think I ordered a pizza with a church on top, instead of basil (basilico? basilica? easy mistake, right) - but I'm improving. So that's good. 

Anyway, despite the fact that I now have 18 hours of classes a week rather than the six I'm used to at home, I do have Fridays free for trips and activities. This week, we decided to take a little trip to Ferrara, just outside Bologna.

 I got a train! An actual Italian train. They're very nice. 

It's a pretty small town, so a day was absolutely perfect to fit it all in. Thankfully, the weather was lovely - which, much to my disappointment, it isn't always in Italy.
Easily the best part of the day was lunch. 

(Which was pasta, duh.)

Not just any kind of pasta though. It's called Cappellacci de Zucca, which is basically pumpkin ravioli with a delicious salty sage and butter sauce. 

We went to a really cute little restaurant where we could watch the chef cooking it. 

It was AMAZING. One of the best things I've had since I've got here. It looks fairly simple, but don't be fooled. 
(I didn't take this picture. I was far too excited to start eating. It's courtesy of Pinterest, to which I immediately turned to look up the recipe when I got home.)
After lunch we had a little walk around the city. 
This is a really, really old shopping street. It's cute. 
We ended the day with a little caffe before heading home to get the train. 

Bologna is in a great position to see the rest of Italy, which is brilliant. It's about two hours from all the major cities by train, so I've come up with a little list of places that I need to go (and food and wine that I need to drink, obviously.) However, I'm very aware of how fast this year is going already, so I should probably get started...

Have booked a flight back to London for a few days in November, which I'm really excited about. As much as I love Italian food, I REALLY can't wait to feast on Nandos and burritos and a good, juicy burger. Guilty...

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