Washi Tape, Home Decor

September 03, 2015

As a kid, the start of a new school year meant only one thing: new stationary. 

I'd get to go and pick a new pencilcase, folders, pens and if I was good, a flexiruler too (the holy grail of all rulers, duh). Then, on the first day back, I'd eye up everyone else's purchases and come to the conclusion that, luckily, they weren't as cool as mine.

Anyway, I've grown up a little bit since then (honest...) and September doesn't mean new stationary anymore; but it does mean a new house. And, when it comes to buying new things, I feel almost exactly the same feeling of excitement. 

Fairy lights! Bunting! Polaroid photos! Oh my God, aren't the opportunities endless?

I've been on Pinterest religiously figuring out exactly what style I want to go for, and thought I had it figured out - and then I flicked through the new ASOS magazine and found something that totally changed the game. 


Dark Chocolate, Avocado and Chia Brownies

September 02, 2015

OK, I'm going to admit something that you're not supposed to admit.

I don't like clean eating. I think rye bread is disgusting, chia seeds are pointless and anyone that buys a Nutri-Bullet is an idiot. (They're just blenders. Really. Overpriced blenders.)

I think women have enough to deal with without feeling guilty for eating a burger every now and then.

But I do like avocados. With eggs, with salmon, for breakfast or a midnight feast; there is literally no  bad time to crack open an avocado. 

And, needless to say, I like chocolate. A lot. 

So, when I came across a recipe that involves both of those ingredients, that's 'clean' as well as tasty, I thought I'd better give it a go. Here's the recipe for some delicious, not-too-naughty chocolate brownies.