Fez, Morocco

June 21, 2015

Morocco is pretty much my favourite place ever.

Alright, one of them. It's dirty and smelly, but also overwhelming and different and totally magical. 

I booked this holiday totally on a whim - flights were £60 return with Ryanair, which is amazing. I mean, they might be shit, but how can you complain when they take you to a different continent for the same price as a train ticket to Manchester? 

The hotel was incredible, and also completely underpriced. It was little Moroccan paradise in the middle of the city, with courtyards and fountains and a roof terrace overlooking the whole city and mint tea on tap. 

Breakfast was the highlight of every morning - little sugary cakeys, freshly squeezed orange juice, fig  jam and homemade bread and pastries.

Having arrived late the night before, we were very excited to explore the hotel the next morning...

Desperate for a day of doing absolutely nothing, we headed straight for the pool. It was set right in the middle of the courtyard, surrounded by palm trees - the perfect place to relax.

This is me in my ridiculously big hat that I got for £4. £4! I honestly can't stop going on about Primark at the moment - it may be slightly linked to the fact that I'm currently doing an unpaid internship and have absolutely no money, but it has some real gems this season. This bikini was £10, and has these gorgeous pink tassels on - I also got a button up denim skirt, just like the Topshop one, for £10, and a white off-the-shoulder top for £4. (Pictured below.) #Thrifty.

We spend most of the day relaxing, and were enjoying it so much that we decided to eat there too.

The food was gorgeous. Tagine is one of my favourite meals in the world, I could literally eat it every day and not get bored. We finished with some more mint tea - something I would never drink at home, but somehow fall in love with every time I go to Morocco.

The next day we decided that we should probably leave the comfort of our lovely little riad and actually explore the city.

Unlike Marrakech, where there is one huge square so really, it's impossible to get lost - Fez is very different. It is a complete maze - each little walled street looks exactly the same, and we soon discovered the little map we had wasn't much use, since none of the streets were named.

We eventually found the main street, and wandered along it for most of the morning. Compared to Marrakech, everyone is so friendly - and everything is much cheaper!
One little woman invited us into her house and made us some mint tea - it was really an elaborate attempt to get us to buy the tea pot, but it was a pretty good sales tactic so we couldn't resist. We are now the proud owners of a full Moroccan tea set, that despite promising ourselves we would use, has mainly sat on the table in our flat as a purely decorative item.

We then went for lunch in a cafe that I'd read about online. It's called The Ruined Garden, and really is magical. The food is absolutely delicious, so we spend a good afternoon there eating and drinking and soaking up the sun. 

That evening, we had dinner in what is supposed to be the best place in Fez. By Moroccan standards, it's pretty expensive - £36 for a set menu, including unlimited wine. 

The restaurant was gorgeous, and the service absolutely impeccable. (Seriously, I'm running out of positive adjectives to use, it was so good!) 

Luckily, we were hungry - it was a five course meal. We started off with nibbles and drinks, then a selection of Moroccan salads for a starter. 

We then had chicken and lemon tagine, followed by cous cos with sugar and cinnamon. I'm honestly not sure whether that course was supposed to being savoury or sweet, but it was delicious either way. 

The whole meal was also serenaded by live Moroccan music, with one pretty cool guy doing some dancing for us. Then the table next to us all got up and joined in, which was quite bizarre, but also made for a memorable evening!

The whole evening was magical (yep, used that word a lot too), one of those times when you just can't stop saying how amazing it is.

The next day, we had our flight in the evening, so we decided to catch some last rays by the pool. 

At around 3, we headed off to another restaurant that I'd read up on. It's a sort of cafe/meeting place/events space, where they regularly hold music evening and workshops to take part in. They're famous for their camel burger, so obviously we had to try that...

We ordered two camel burgers, and a fig and blue cheese salad. Just to keep us going for the journey home...

So there we are - another great holiday in Morocco. I would honestly recommend it to absolutely anyone - it's only 3 hours on a plane, and it's like going to a completely world. 

The hotel we stayed in was Riad Dar Bensouda - it was amazing, and all the staff there were so helpful. The location was perfect too, right in the middle of the medina. 

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