5 best places in London for a hangover brunch...

October 04, 2014

When I came back to London I realised what had been missing whilst I was away; brunch. It's the easiest thing in the world to pop out for brunch in the city, but it's something I just never really do at home. Whether I'm hungover, have no food in, or just really hungry when I wake up in the morning, its totally acceptable here - and I LOVE it.

Foxcroft & Ginger

Whilst my mother might not approve of it's "rustic" decor, Foxcroft is one of my favourite places for brunch. When I first saw it on the way back from uni last year, I had to do a double take - there aren't many yummy places for brunch, coffee and cakes on the Mile End Road. Nestled between Tesco Express and Sports Direct, it seems an unlikely brunch spot. However, if you're a fan of french toast, eggs benedict or salmon and avocado, this is the perfect place. My favourite is the french toast with bacon, maple syrup, banana and walnuts... heaven on a plate!

The Breakfast Club

A fairly standard place to go when you're looking for somewhere to brunch in London, but it's too delicious not to mention it. So great is it that one Sunday, in a hangover coma, I queued for three hours to get in. And it was SO worth it. If you're a fan of a hair of the dog to ease your hangover, the Bloody Mary's here are some of the best I've tasted (although beware - they come pretty spicy) and the full english, american pancakes or posh sausage sandwich are unbeatable. However, as I found out, the queues at the weekends get pretty long and they don't take bookings for brunch - so probably best saved for a weekday.

 The Pavilion

Since moving closer to my beloved Victoria Park, this has been a great find. On a sunny day, eating breakfast next to the lake is the absolute dream. They do delicious things with avocado (my absolute favourite!) and even have a Sri Lankan curry breakfast, and although probably not brilliant after a night out, I need to give a go sometime...

The Bluebird Cafe

Chelsea. The only place in London where you literally cannot move for groups of blonde, fur clad girls with tiny doggies, or men in suits - usually, both together. The Bluebird is the epitome of MIC stereotypes. It's snobby, overpriced (£4 for a tea? Really?) but the food is delicious. And who doesn't like to feel like high society once in a while - even if it's only for an hour or so...


Even though its a large chain, Bill's only really came to my attention when a branch opened up in my hometown - and I've been there for pretty much every meal out since. When I go with mum, we can never decide between the eggs or the blueberry pancakes - so we usually order both...


  1. This made me so hungry.
    Going to have to try these places

    Jennifer Jayne xx

    1. You won't regret it! Followed your blog, I love it :) x