April 03, 2014

So apart from the small matter of exams, I have officially finished my first year at uni. The only thing I was really sure about before I went was that I was going to love living in the city - and on that point, I was entirely right. There's just nowhere like London. The rest of my Fresher experience, however, has been a little harder than expected - but I've met lots of lovely people, consumed a LOT of alcohol and missed my fair share of lectures so at least I've done it properly!

Anyway, now I'm settled in London, I'm starting to think about the next uni-related adventure - my year abroad. My linguistic incompetence means I'm fairly limited in the places I can go, and after swiftly cutting out the boring options, I am pretty much left with just Copenhagen and Bologna. 
I was almost entirely set on Denmark (if you don't already know how much I love the Danes, my Copenhagen post should make it clear) but when I mentioned this to my my mum, it was clear that was not a choice she approved of. I know from previous family holidays, and my parents' choice of honeymoon, that Italy is one of mum's favourite places - having the chance to visit me there was not an opportunity she was willing to pass up. In fact, so determined was she for me to choose Bologna, she immediately booked a weekend away in an attempt to prove it really would be the best place for a year abroad. Which was how, straight after the end of term, I ended up on yet another Ryanair flight - this time to Italy.